Sapulpa Noteworthy Piano


Sapulpa High School Graphic Design Form students tackled¬†the piano’s design challenge; while, Sapulpa Junior High Art II students undertook the responsibility¬†of painting it. Students decided on the concept of ‘Noteworthy music artists of our time’. This led to the piano being named ‘Noteworthy’, both as a tribute to the music artists and as a play on words with notes being able to be played on the piano itself. Wanting the piano to be colorful, creative and stand out, each music artist was designed with their own custom monochromatic color scheme. Each paint color can be seen running upwards- breaking outside it’s boundaries- much like the way music breaks barriers and reaches people. The music artists chosen by students and depicted on this piano are: Ray Charles, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Aretha Franklin, Elton John, Billy Joel, Prince, Whitney Houston, and P!nk.


C. Taylor