Union High School – Tulsa Pop!

This semester high school students studied the “Pop Art” movement. While it began in the 60’s, it is still very prevalent in our culture. The Pop Art style combines popular icons and bright vivid colors. The staff and students found this a perfect combination for showcasing a piano for “Play Me Tulsa”. After deliberation we decided to go with Iconic Tulsa area Landmarks and celebrities as our Pop Focus. Familiar landmarks ranging from the Tulsa Driller and Admiral Twin Drive-in to the Jazz Depot and BOK arena were researched and added to the design. Students from various classes worked together to layout the basic designs and colors, and finalized the project with patterns and designs tying the whole together. What began as a department project became a building wide goal. Students and faculty would frequent the hall where we created, some to view progress, others to relax and play the piano during times when the paint was not wet. The mission to combine art and music for the public was a great success with in our school community. We merged Andy Warhol and Peter Max with Bach and Beethoven in perfect harmony.