We hope you made it out to Mayfest to see the debut of this seasons Play Me, Tulsa pianos! While Friday night was a tremendous success – we got lots of pic and videos of the pianos being played and enjoyed, the rains Friday night affected their playability for the rest of the weekend.

When the keys are exposed to excessive moisture, the older wood absorbs it and they swell up, pressing together, and becoming unplayable. We have brought them back inside where they will have the time to dry out before we place them in the public. It will take a couple of weeks, but this should make them playable again.

We were heartbroken to see so many folks come to Mayfest, so excited to visit the pianos, and find them unplayable. We are discussing strategies for next year to prevent this from happening again. We will be updating social media and the Play Me, Tulsa website with the host locations for each piano as we begin to place them, likely around the first week of June.

Thank you to Tulsa Mayfest, Saied Music Co., Anchor Paint Manufacturing and all the dedicated art teachers and talented students for making Play Me, Tulsa a reality.

We remain dedicated to our Mission statement: We believe that art and music have the transformative power to unite, encourage and inspire. Our goal is to provide a fun and impactful way to foster community engagement in both art and music. From the skilled pianist to the child who has never touched a piano key, we believe that all people in our community will enjoy and benefit from playing Play Me, Tulsa pianos.

We love you, Tulsa!

Play Me, Tulsa is back for its fourth season! 2023 pianos will debut at Tulsa Mayfest, Friday May 12th. Stay tuned for updates on participating schools and their progress!

Introducing Play Me, Tulsa!
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