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Play Me, Tulsa! has returned for 2021
Saied Music Company has partnered with Anchor Paint Manufacturing and Tulsa Mayfest to present Play Me, Tulsa! 2021.
Play Me, Tulsa is a public piano project combining art and music for the enjoyment of our community.

Play Me, Tulsa has debuted seven pianos designed and painted by local school art departments at Tulsa Mayfest May 7-9, 2021.


Before the onset of the Covid Pandemic in March of 2020, thirteen public school art departments were invited to design and paint an upright piano provided by Saied Music Company. Due to Covid, Play Me, Tulsa was suspended for 2020. While the slow roll back into live instruction in schools prevented some of the invited schools from completing their pianos, Play Me Tulsa is excited to debut the work of those students who were able to complete theirs this spring. These pianos exemplify how the arts provide inspiration and healing in times of chaos, and they celebrate the determination and resiliency of those that create through art and music. Participating schools for 2021 include Edison, Bixby, McClure, Sapulpa, Webster, and Owasso.

At the conclusion of Mayfest, each piano will be relocated to an outdoor public space throughout our community, making it accessible for everyone to enjoy.


Pianos were collected by Saied Music in preparation for this project. Local school art departments submitted a template with their own original design idea and colors needed to complete their vision. Anchor Paint provided all the paint needed for each painted piano.


“Play Me, Tulsa!” pianos will be accessible to be played by the public at host locations until their removal at the end of the summer. Host locations include Kendall Whittier Square, Jenks Riverwalk, AHHA, North Mabee Boys and Girls Club, and more. A final list of each piano and its designated host location will be located at www.playmetulsa.com.


We believe that art and music have the transformative power to unite, encourage, and inspire. Our goal is to provide a fun and impactful way to foster community engagement in both art and music. From the skilled pianist to the child who has never touched a piano key, we believe that all people in our community will enjoy and benefit from playing “Play Me, Tulsa!” pianos.