Play Me, Tulsa! has returned for its fifth season! Saied Music Company has partnered with Anchor Paint Manufacturing and Tulsa Mayfest to present Play Me, Tulsa! 2024. Play Me, Tulsa is a public piano project combining art and music for the enjoyment of our community.

Play Me, Tulsa! has returned for 2024!

Play Me, Tulsa! was born in 2019 a cooperation between Saied Music Company, Tulsa Mayfest and Anchor Paint Manufacturing.

Each year, select public school art departments are invited to design and paint an upright piano, provided by Saied Music Company. These artfully decorated pianos are debuted to the public at Tulsa Mayfest. At the conclusion of Mayfest each piano is relocated to an outdoor public space throughout our community making it accessible for everyone to enjoy.

We believe that art and music have the transformative power to unite, encourage and inspire. Our goal is to provide a fun and impactful way to foster community engagement in both art and music. From the skilled pianist to the child who has never touched a piano key, we believe that all people in our community will enjoy and benefit from playing Play Me, Tulsa pianos.

For more information, please contact

Kim Koch, Saied Music kim.koch@saiedmusic.com