Bixby High School – Summer Days

“The idea of our piano design comes from the artwork of our very own student’s art projects from this school year. The Art II, IV & AP students were very excited to put their time, energy and talents into painting a piano for the Play Me Again Tulsa Initiative.

The theme “Summer Days” began with Brynn Gartner’s AP picture of the corgi peeking through the tulips. The tulips look almost 3-D as they “pop” off the back of the piano creating a truly realistic and fun design. Brynn stated, “It was exciting to see my artwork on something other than canvas and used for a larger purpose!” Hannah Ferguson, senior & AP student, an amazing artist who specializes in realistic portraits, painted the picture of cousin Rylee on the side of the piano. She also helped finish painting the corgi dog. Rylee, age 7, was so excited to pose for this picture and said, “I am a model and will be famous!” The design on the front was an original piece of work created by junior, Brooke Winters, while the butterflies and bumble-bees were senior, Dain Harper’s creation. The dandelions were painted on by freshman, Jaxmin Baxter. Senior, Caleb Beasley, created the acrylic pour with resin finish on top. We had several students in various classes help paint and complete the whole design. New ideas were inspired throughout the whole process and it was truly a group effort. I couldn’t be more pleased or proud of all the students at Bixby High School!”