Broken Arrow Bee-iano!

Our idea for this piano stems from Sloan Bradford’s interest in Saving the Bees!  She designed the artwork to bring attention to the plight of many local pollinators!

Sloane taught us, it’s not just about the honey! Bumble bees are crucial for gardens, orchards, prairies, woodlands, and wetlands. They transfer pollen from flower to flower in many plant species, resulting in the production of fruits and seeds. In turn, we and other animals rely on plants, fruits and seeds for our survival and health. Bumble bees are especially efficient at pollinating vegetables like tomatoes and peppers, as well as many commercially important fruits.

Homeowners, community members, school gardeners, farmers—everyone—can help protect local bumble bees and other native pollinators. Plant masses of flowers close together in gardens and yards to help attract bees. Encourage others to plant pollinator-friendly wildflowers or gardens to create a larger network of pollinator habitat. Avoid using pesticides, especially systemic insecticides that persist throughout the plant or in soils. Check that plants and seeds purchased from nurseries are not pre-treated with systemic insecticides.

We hope our piano will inspire others to Save the Bees!

Artists: Sloane Bradford (Piano Designer), Meg Anglin, Gillian LeFevre, Talia Macias, Amber Welch

Educators:  Jennifer Brown and Jennifer Deal