Edison High School – Harmony Beyond Boundaries

Due to Vandalsim, this piano has been pulled back to our warehouse

“The Edison Color and Design class took on the task of designing and painting the piano for the Tulsa project. After brainstorming ideas and viewing street pianos from other cities, each student came up with an original design. The designs were varied ranging from cityscapes to flowering plants. The class then narrowed down the options to two. The proposals that compelled all the students were related to the ocean. Those two were merged to create a harmonious ocean theme. Although we live in land locked Oklahoma, the students liked the idea of looking outside our physical boundaries and into the abundant natural world beyond. They likened this view to the combination of visual art and music: something typically not seen as intertwined, however when looking deeply the connection is abundant in our world. The piano emerged as a result of the flowing harmony that is inherent between the visual arts and musical arts and the beauty they can create together. The project allowed them the opportunity to think creatively about their choices with the boundaries of specific guidelines. They look forward to sharing their vision with the citizens of Tulsa.”