Jenks High School – Naturleza Divina

Naturleza Divina (Divine Nature)

Nature was always part of the process we designed and it felt right because it encompassed the serenity felt by both music and art. The back of the piano we designed as a window into nature and felt the overgrowth as a symbol to how nature is always present. The sunset was put in because it was calming and is constant around the other parts of the piano. We have a tree line to show depth and space within the window like there is more to see. As the piano goes down to the keys there’s a part like a cliff we used for more depth going down into the earth like a window into more than just the topsoil. There’s a river across the key cover which when opened reveals more water and fish in the water to show a different aspect of nature that still is important. At the sides of the keys the water falls down into a cave on the sides of the piano legs. Underneath is a civilization with small stringed lights across the ‘street’, reminiscent of the Jenks Main Street lights. We wanted to add this in to put a little bit of home into the piano and felt it would bring a sense of depth and mystery of the creation that both music and art can create. Overall this piano was a culmination of music and art in a sense of serenity that is Naturleza Divina.

This is what it would look like if someone were to go inside the world we created on the piano.