McClure Elementary School – Steampunk: Gears of Music

McClure Elementary School Teacher: Chad Bitzer Title of Piano: SteamPunk: Gears of Music McClure Elementary School Art Club Students wanted to create a new look for this Piano. They went through different designs and themes until they saw Steampunk Artwork then they knew that it was the theme for this piano. They painted rivets and gears to make it look more industrial and altered. They wanted it to look like the gears would be moving with music as the piano is being played. They feel that the “Window” panels on the underneath part makes it look like you can see inside the piano while it is being played. We hope you enjoy our design while playing your favorite songs on McClure Elementary’s SteamPunk : Gears of Music. Thank you to the following this would not be possible without your help and support; Saied Music Play Me Tulsa Anchor Paint