Memorial High School – Mixed Cultures

Mixed Cultures was created by the art students at Memorial High School to showcase our love for Tulsa, Culture, & Art. We created a piece celebrating the differences that make us proud of where we came from while reflecting on our own diversity. In our piece we recreated images of popular local scenes & famous icons we can all recognize & take pride in.

Some symbols used to reflect local flavor is the Oklahoma Bison climbing up the hill in the sunset & the Indian blanket laid across the keyboard cover. The top of the piano recognizes two popular local sculptures, the Five Moons located at the Historical Society & the Great Spirit sculpture found at Woodward Park. On the right of the piano the Golden Driller is standing tall with a proud tribute to our OKC thunder with the basketball symbolizing the sun & the thunder bolts lighting up the sky. On the front of the piano we reflect on our own Hispanic cultures influence by depicting a man & woman dressed in traditional Mexican attire celebrating El Dia de los Muertos. The back of the piano displays Tulsa’s iconic buildings while tying in the popular Tulsa Tough Race up Cry Baby Hill.

Our hope was for people of all backgrounds to be able to see this piece & recognize parts of their city & state that make us proud of our background & culture while artistically celebrating the colorful influence each has brought us.