Play Me Tulsa Artistic Guidelines

These Artistic Guidelines are broad and are intended to protect the instruments, ensure respect for community standards and comply with regulations involving permitting, branding and public safety as enforced by City of Tulsa and other civic partners. 

You have the freedom to follow your inspiration when designing your piano within the parameters of the guidelines below and in the spirit of the following belief statement:

We believe that art and music have the transformative power to unite, encourage and inspire.  We also believe that all people in our community will benefit from access to them.

  • The cabinet, which includes the entire back of the piano should be painted.  Do not paint the keys, pedals or anything on the inside of the piano.
  • Do not paint over cracks or seams to ensure that technicians can access the inside of the piano.
  • No objects may be attached to the piano.
  • No obscenities, nudity, political messages, or any other distasteful images.
  • Corporate logos, branding, website URLs, and hashtags are not permitted on the piano.
  • Space will be indicated on each piano for the placement of a branding plaque to recognize organization partners and the school that designed and painted the piano.  The indicated space should be painted in a similar base color as the rest of the piano, but be left “un-designed” as the plaque will be affixed to that space after painting is complete.
  • Artwork must not contain copyrighted materials
  • Note that pianos come in all shapes and sizes; the more flexibility you can include in your design, the better.