San Miguel Middle – The Dream Big Piano

Name: The Dream Big Piano | El Piano para Soñar en Grande
School: San Miguel Middle School

The Dream Big Piano | El Piano para Soñar en Grande is a multicultural window to showcase our rich Hispanic culture, traditions, iconic figures, one brush and one splash of paint at a time.

  •  Representation does matter, and that is the reason a side of the piano is dedicated to ambassadors of the Hispanic culture, arts, science, entertainment, and more. You are able to see Dr. Ellen Ochoa, first Latina in space; artist, Frida Kahlo; artist, musician, composer, and writer, Lin-Manual Miranda; Selena, artist, singer and composer.
  • Different areas of the piano showcase musical notes. They represent the fantastic beat of Cha-Cha, Mambo, Rumba, and Salsa.
  • Right above the piano keys, you will find a space dedicated to the Latin fauna. The Costa Rican sloth or Peresozo; the singing Puerto Rican frog known as coquí; a South American Toucan or Tucán; and a beautiful hummingbird, known in Spanish with several names, such as colibrí, Picaflor, and more.
  • Tropical flowers appeared in every corner of the piano, showcasing bright and vibrant colors.
  • Hispanic musical instruments are part of the art composition, including a Mexican guitar painted with typical Day of the Dead or Día de los Muertos items.
  • The letter Ñ, an extraordinary symbol of the Spanish language has a predominant place. It’s painted with many colors as a demonstration of our diversity.
  • The combination of all these parts brings together those voices that historically have been left out of the conversation, using the universal language of the arts.