Skelly Elementary – Deco the Piano

Finding inspiration for the Play Me, Tulsa piano, Skelly students focused on three things to complete the design. One was the art projects done this current school year; second, what visually comes to mind when thinking of Tulsa; and third, Tulsa’s art history.
Our creativity for the piano design came from our school’s namesake, William Grove Skelly, a unit project over zentangle, and the world renowned rich Art Deco architecture that is throughout Tulsa.Tulsa’s Art Deco time period happened congruently with Mr. Skelly’s oil boom in Oklahoma, so the Tulsa Driller makes a feature on the piano. The zentangle projects done this year in the classroom focused on repeated patterns, design, and color with one section connecting to the next section of the art piece.

The composition of the design were inspired by the Tulsa Driller, a symbol of our oil boom history, the art deco architecture at the Tulsa Fair grounds and many buildings from downtown, and the connection of pattern and color from zentangle art. By combining all three inspirations, Skelly students were able to piece together our piano’s design by infusing zentangle with Art Deco and key architecture that makes Tulsa unique. The colors on the piano are a similar pallet to the colors on buildings in downtown Tulsa and the fair grounds.