Webster High School – Celestial Dreams and Bubble Musings

Name of piano: Celestial Dreams and Bubble Musings Teacher: Susan Kleps Celestial Dreams and Bubble Musings was inspired by the idea that wonder and beauty that is found in both the finite and the infinite. Bubbles represent beauty that is fleeting while celestial skies represent wonder and beauty that was here before us and will be here long after we are gone. The additional images added to the piano represent a snippet of our dreams, daydreams and imaginings. Some of these are light-hearted while others are serious. But whether playful or somber, each image comes from a person with their own unique personality, style and spirit. Each person who added a personalized image also falls on our spectrum of finite and infinite. We are but bubbles in the universe. We are not here forever. However, there is beauty found in the time that we are here. There is wonder in our thoughts and feelings even during the times it does not feel as such. Though we are only here for a moment, our dreams can inspire actions that echo into the universe long after we are gone.